Logo Cámara Certifica ISO 9001

Quality and service are our priority objectives, all our products have the CE approval and have been implemented with the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard, certified by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.


In compliance with current legislation, FRICAVENT 2000, S.L. has implemented a waste management system through authorised waste managers, and is also covered by European Recycling Platform, a Collective System of Extended Responsibility (SCRAP) for the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

FRICAVENT 2000, S.L. adopts the necessary measures to prevent pollution and when this is not possible, reduces polluting emissions to a minimum. Within our range of products we have manufacturers with CO2 refrigerant gas, which has a lower environmental impact. On the other hand, we are constantly working to reduce waste, recycling and reusing it whenever possible.